Saturday, September 20, 2008

My One Boobed Mamma by Jeanette Patindol

When we were approached with the proposal to do this book, we were ecstatic! We had no idea how beautifully everything would work together to get this book into the hands of breast cancer sufferers and their families. This children's book is filled with both grace, strength and love. It is a different kind of book altogether and we applaud Ms. Patindol for writing such a provocative work for children.

Due for release in October, you can pre-order now at

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sabriena Williams' upcoming release, "Wait on the Lord, I Say Wait"

Title: Wait on the Lord, I Say Wait
Author: Sabriena Williams
Publisher: Living Waters Publishing Company

There are those books that make you think while encouraging and empowering you, the reader. This is one of those books. Just look at some of the pre-publication reviews so far.

"Shavon is a loveable character that any woman of any color can relate to. She has real struggles and real fears. She's endearing, as is this book."
Jaclyn Morrison, Founder Sistah's Speak, Oklahoma

"Sabriena Williams taps into the market of black Christian fiction with this breakout novel about a spoiled woman and her trials in life. This book shows the struggles of any Christian woman, rather with self-doubt, love and lust, or pride. Ultimately, Shavon learns to wait on the Lord."
Teresa Gordon, Houston, TX

Monday, July 21, 2008

His Reflections by Mary Baird ~ Reviews

Title: His Reflections
Author: Mary Baird
Illustrator: Jennifer Page
Publisher: Living Waters Publishing Company

His Reflections has been garnering some great reviews. Here are a few from readers and notable reviewers:

"Each poem showed deep insight into a Christian's soul. Baird is unbelievably talented." Debra Frasier, Pastor, TX

"From cover to cover, Page's illustrations gave life to each poem. This book is remarkable!" Zane McGregor, Published Poet, CA

"Mary Baird was able to use poetry for Christian witnessing. It was not elusive, hard to interpret poetry as usual. It was down-to-earth, everyday, empathy set to poetry. That is what made it different. That is what makes it a hit with me. It's Christian simplicity at its best." Pastor Paul McKinney, FL

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reviews: The Fire that Burns for the Last Days by Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor's book is growing in popularity. Just read a few of the reviews given so far:

"Pastor O'Connor is a rare jewel to Christian literature. He took this opportunity to go on record with truth, and because it is now published, it will become part of history. The stands he took against some of the socially acceptable behavior of today gives voice to many who are too afraid to speak up and speak out. If you're a Christian, you need this book!"
(Pastor Sam Shaffer, FL)

"Wonderfully written work of truth. A definite must-read."
(Fletcher Dunn, CA)

"The cover is an accurate interpretation of the interior. O'Connor, with great zeal, goes about to show the errors of modern church life and leaves us with a word - repent. This is a great book."
(Pastor Joseph Ross, TX)

Book Information:
Title: The Fire that Burns for the Last Days
Author: Kevin O'Connor
Publisher: Living Waters Publishing Company
ISBN: 978-0-9814532-0-0

Get your copy now at, or at these retailers:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life is a Game by Jim Copeland

Prologue from one of our hottest sellers, Life is a Game by Jim Copeland

I cannot tell you how life will begin or end. We do not control our beginning but we might have a say in our ending. The choices we make determine our destiny in life and whether success or disaster is achieved. We either elevate to greatness or descend to obscurity. Some choices are made for us, but we can choose how to react to them. Will we make the most of our circumstances, or will we complain of the “iron fist” that has ruined our life?
The game of life can be played several ways. Some spend their lives chasing dreams. Others spend their lives making their dreams a reality. Which one will we be? In life, it is important for us to use our strengths as assets in achieving our goals. If we focus too much on our weaknesses, we can and will end up average. Focusing on your strengths will allow you an opportunity to achieve your goals at a faster rate.

Life is a game; your success depends on how you play it.


Title: Life is a Game by Jim Copeland
ISBN: 978-0-9814532-7-9
Publisher: Living Waters Publishing Company
Availability: and anywhere books are sold

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stories from the Red Glass by LMH Christian ~ A Short Teaser

Excerpt from "Tiny Beautiful Voices" of the book, Stories from the Red Glass by LMH Christian

ISBN: 978-0-9798154-9-2
Price: $14.95
Availability:,,, and many other online retailers, including Powell's. Also available at your local bookstore!

Have you ever looked out across a beautiful lush green yard of perfect grass and excitedly thought to yourself, “What a great place to run and play!”

Well, here we are looking out across a most beautiful lush green meadow dotted with wild flowers of blue and purple iris, red columbine, huge yellow dandelion, and newly budding red Indian paintbrush. Here and there are also patches of small wild strawberry leaves and tiny blooms of perfect white flowers.

Beautiful tall Aspen and Birch trees are all standing on the outer edge of the meadow with their little spring green leaves dancing in a soft and gentle breeze. So many birds, black and yellow spotted Finches, crested Juncos, black capped Chickadees, Red-winged Blackbirds and Ruby throated Hummingbirds to name a few, are chattering and singing, skipping about for their morning food of seed and flower nectar. The tall, lush, green grass looks so soft and pretty standing and gently swaying now and again in the breeze.

It was such a beautiful and inviting scene. “What a great place to run and play!” is exactly what Tazu, the little black bear cub, said to himself.

Off he went running, jumping, falling and rolling about in the lush green grass of the meadow. He was having great fun laughing, calling out to no one in particular, and just having a good ol’ fashion romp of a time.

After a few minutes of romping about, he laid on his furry black back looking out at the tall blades of grass, and the sparkling cobalt blue sky infused with warm bright sunshine. He laid there a moment, to catch his breath from running and romping so hard and fast. Then all of a sudden, a beautiful lavender dusted tiny white butterfly went whisking by on the breeze. Tazu was up and about in no time looking for the beautiful, tiny, winged creature, and as soon as he spotted it, off he went again!

Tazu started chasing the tiny butterfly all over the meadow. Up and down, down and over, over and up again. The tiny butterfly kept whisking here, darting there, diving down towards the lush green grass and back towards the sparkling cobalt blue sky, this way and that way, all over the place. As you well know, butterflies are very, very good at these kind of maneuvers. The whole while, the tiny butterfly kept trying to say something to Tazu, the bear cub. But he just did not listen. He was too busy trying to catch the tiny winged creature to play and romp together. He could not hear her.