Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reviews: The Fire that Burns for the Last Days by Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor's book is growing in popularity. Just read a few of the reviews given so far:

"Pastor O'Connor is a rare jewel to Christian literature. He took this opportunity to go on record with truth, and because it is now published, it will become part of history. The stands he took against some of the socially acceptable behavior of today gives voice to many who are too afraid to speak up and speak out. If you're a Christian, you need this book!"
(Pastor Sam Shaffer, FL)

"Wonderfully written work of truth. A definite must-read."
(Fletcher Dunn, CA)

"The cover is an accurate interpretation of the interior. O'Connor, with great zeal, goes about to show the errors of modern church life and leaves us with a word - repent. This is a great book."
(Pastor Joseph Ross, TX)

Book Information:
Title: The Fire that Burns for the Last Days
Author: Kevin O'Connor
Publisher: Living Waters Publishing Company
ISBN: 978-0-9814532-0-0

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