Monday, July 21, 2008

His Reflections by Mary Baird ~ Reviews

Title: His Reflections
Author: Mary Baird
Illustrator: Jennifer Page
Publisher: Living Waters Publishing Company

His Reflections has been garnering some great reviews. Here are a few from readers and notable reviewers:

"Each poem showed deep insight into a Christian's soul. Baird is unbelievably talented." Debra Frasier, Pastor, TX

"From cover to cover, Page's illustrations gave life to each poem. This book is remarkable!" Zane McGregor, Published Poet, CA

"Mary Baird was able to use poetry for Christian witnessing. It was not elusive, hard to interpret poetry as usual. It was down-to-earth, everyday, empathy set to poetry. That is what made it different. That is what makes it a hit with me. It's Christian simplicity at its best." Pastor Paul McKinney, FL

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