Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life is a Game by Jim Copeland

Prologue from one of our hottest sellers, Life is a Game by Jim Copeland

I cannot tell you how life will begin or end. We do not control our beginning but we might have a say in our ending. The choices we make determine our destiny in life and whether success or disaster is achieved. We either elevate to greatness or descend to obscurity. Some choices are made for us, but we can choose how to react to them. Will we make the most of our circumstances, or will we complain of the “iron fist” that has ruined our life?
The game of life can be played several ways. Some spend their lives chasing dreams. Others spend their lives making their dreams a reality. Which one will we be? In life, it is important for us to use our strengths as assets in achieving our goals. If we focus too much on our weaknesses, we can and will end up average. Focusing on your strengths will allow you an opportunity to achieve your goals at a faster rate.

Life is a game; your success depends on how you play it.


Title: Life is a Game by Jim Copeland
ISBN: 978-0-9814532-7-9
Publisher: Living Waters Publishing Company
Availability: and anywhere books are sold

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