Saturday, September 20, 2008

My One Boobed Mamma by Jeanette Patindol

When we were approached with the proposal to do this book, we were ecstatic! We had no idea how beautifully everything would work together to get this book into the hands of breast cancer sufferers and their families. This children's book is filled with both grace, strength and love. It is a different kind of book altogether and we applaud Ms. Patindol for writing such a provocative work for children.

Due for release in October, you can pre-order now at


Jeanette Patindol said...

That is not the kind of response (language, grammar) I get from Mr. Hayes when he emails me.

And please, if you have legitimate complaints, why don't you come upfront with your full names and the titles of your books with Living Waters too?

I have had satisfactory professional experience with the Living Waters people so far, and I will rest on that.

Thank you.

Robert Gary said...

I will openly leave my name. I Robert Gary of Ormond Beach Florida have no issue pointing out that Lacresha and Lensey Hayes or LWPC are Frauds. They are both under Federal Probation and owe hundreds of people, thousands of Dollars. They still owe me and my wife over $4,000 and the State of Florida is after Lensey Hayes for a bounced Check he wrote to my wife. I am the Lead person in contacting the Sheriffs departmenjt in their hometown where they ARE being investigated for Fraud and other things. Feel free to contact me if you have a complaint against them, I will provide you with the Sheriff's information who is investigating them.

Robert Gary